I want to Tell you Something About My Diabetes

I want to share my story I see alot of people on here suffering from this awful disease and feeling hopeless! 11 yrs ago I was diagnosed with type 2 I was put on Janumet and sent to a dietician for about 3 months I did good took my meds and lowered my carb intake but that didn’t last long! At that point I didn’t know the dangers of diabetes and didn’t bother to look it up either! I was feeling fine so I just ate whatever I wanted! Still took my meds! about 4 yrs ago I suffered a Heart Attack and now I have a stent in my heart! The cardio Dr told me it was caused by uncontrolled Diabetes! I was sent home with prescriptions several of them! For about a yr I did good watching my carbs and walking everyday! My A1C did drop as well as my weight but it still was not enough to get me off of meds! So feeling depressed I went back to my old habits of eating whatever I also stopped walking! Then one morning I woke up with a pain in my chest went to the ER and thank god it was only gas! It was then I knew i should make a change! I went on FB looking for weight loss support group but this group popped up and for the first 2 months I just read but then one day Martin Shannon Had said something that frightened me something to the point of dying! It had opened up my eyes and at that point I decided that Diabetes was no longer going to control me! I started the LCHF that very day of course in the morning I already had my Bagel and cream cheese so that afternoon I only ate LCHF! I had so many questions and always wondering if I was doing anything wrong! I thought the admins in this group were getting tired of me but they weren’t! The first week was so very hard I kept craving something sweet or crunchy or mashed potatoes! I thought I was going to fail again so I vented alot in this group I always received encouragement from everybody on here! Sheila Gales was always telling me eat to your meter! The 2nd week I was dreaming about eating the foods I no longer could have! Edith Weil Always had a great recipe to share! By the 3rd week I added walking and my numbers were dropping I was excited! I started this Journey with my A1c 9.6 I was on metformin 1000mg twice a day. Taking statins high blood pressure meds plus blood thinners! Today over a yr later my A1c 5.9 I am only taking 200mg of metformin all my other meds I am off of! my numbers are the best that the Cardio Dr has ever seen my family dr is just as amazed! I know how hard this journey is but I also know the benefits! Believe me if I can do this I know anyone can! I hope I have helped at least one person today


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